A Quick Overview of the Basics of the Game of Curling

Curling clubs in Canada

It can be challenging to find a good curling club nowadays, with many rinks closed for the remainder of the 2021 season. Don’t let that discourage you. Curling has been around since the 16th century, long before official clubs or rinks were formed. We’ve come a long way from using frozen lochs or ponds as curling courts, but a season or two off won’t lessen the passion for the sporting pastime.

Get a jump start on the 2022 season by looking into these well-respected clubs. Remember to check the community guidelines and information pages for any updates on closures before grabbing your curling brush.

Best local clubs

You can play a game anywhere, so long as you have a sheet of ice, curling stone, and sturdy brooms. But don’t wait for the ice to freeze over; find a local rink near you and start your game. There are a variety of curling clubs across Canada, from professional to casual. Below are just a few of the many prestigious clubs around to begin or continue your curling journey.

High Park Club

The High Park Club has many sporting accommodations but happily hosts five sheets for curling on top of a luxurious lounge and full-service bar. They hold prime, weekly, and social leagues. Youth programs are also provided to keep the kids occupied while you curl.

Royal Curling Club

Originating as a cycling club in 1891, the Royals Curling club boasts an over 100-year professional curling history. The Royal Curling Club is the proud club of choice for the Riverdale and Rotators Leagues, the largest gay and lesbian curling leagues in Canada.

Curl Sudbury

Located in cozy Sudbury, Ontario, the local curling club offers its services to pros and novices alike. They host everything from mixed leagues to birthday parties and even have a local restaurant on-premise.

Living somewhere remote where our curling clubs can't find you? No worries! Enter your postal code into Curling Canada, and they will find the closest curling club near you! Don’t be discouraged if you find your local rink closed. The 2022 season is right around the corner and bursting with new curling potential.

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